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Nov 30, 2009 4:00am EST
, christine, thanks. >>> looks like a bit of a bounceback from friday selloff here in the united states. here's where the futures stand right now. you do have the dow jones futures a little bit above fair value and the s&p, as well. looks like the nasdaq could open with modest losses. several hours before we do begin trading. busy week of course, we do have retail sales from this past holiday weekend to keep a close eye on cyber monday. a lot of online shopping to be done today. and we look forward to the confirmation hearings beginning this thursday for the fed chairman ben bernanke and also that jobs report, that key one coming, of course, on friday. let's take a look meantime at where the bund yield sits right now as we take a look at the ten-year bund yield edging up a touch here and then the ten-year treasury in the united states edging up, as well. most of the focus has been on the shorter end of the curve as the two-year treasury yield hit its lowest level this year. take a look at gold, as well, certainly a lot of focus there, the dollar edging weaker today and gold down a touch $5 or
Nov 26, 2009 4:00am EST
it could recall about 100,000 toyota tundra trucks. >>> it is thanksgiving in the united states today and that means one thing. the holiday shopping season is officially here. do check out for some gift buying advice. how about this iconic sports aircraft for $250,000? or if flying isn't your sort of thing, you could certainly pick up one of these customized cup cake cars for 25 grand. go to and see what else is on the list. certainly, a lot of things to pick up for your friends and loved ones, ross. >> three of the cup cake gods i think for my friends. still to come on the program, we'll talk to the president of skype about the state of his company just a few weeks after ebay sold a 17% stake to a private investigate group. and we'll be in zurich where many of them have gone to set up shop. later on in the program, we'll speak to christine at the asian business awards tonight. llll >>> european stock markets are weakening. resources, banks, all down fairly heavily. >> taking a check on the ftse 100, we are down by about 92 points or so which in percentage terms
Nov 24, 2009 4:00am EST
would you position yourself? >> well, we have some positions for our clients, even in the united states. we own some world class businesses in the industrial machinery space and the resources space. we believe we have a huge wall of liquidity which is now climbing the wall of worry. most people we talk to and most commentators say this is a rally, this is a bear market rally, that this is going to crash. we tend to disagree. we believe that the bear market ended in march in the west. it ended last october/november in asia and now we are a full months into a cyclical bull market which will probably carry on until such point that the central bank decides to raise rates. one of the officials in the fed commented that the fed would not raise rates until 2012. money is pouring into assets and people are getting very, very worried about the loss of inflation and central banks are destroying the value of money, they're debasing the currencies, that's why stocks, pressure metals, the value of everything is going up and the worth of paper money is going down. >> thank you very much, puru saxena
Nov 25, 2009 4:00am EST
to be thankful for? if you're just joining us in the united states of america, welcome to the start of your global trading day. this is "worldwide exchange." we are doing it live, folks, up and at em in the u.s. in asia and europe all at once. and we begin with a check on the u.s. futures at this hour. trying again at the early set to get off to a strong start and snap that losing streak that has seen us fall for four of the past five days right now. if you look at the fixed income markets, we will have a big treasury auction here, but the 10-year bund, little changes add 3.25%, you will get just a little bit more for your buck on a 10-year treasury at 3.32% right now. are we doing gold? no. we're going to ross. but i've got to tell you, goad touched a record and ross is into the ftse cnbc global 300, which i look to look at, as well. >> i know you do and that's why we bring it up to you at this time every day. mining stocks are doing dwight well. european stock markets, there we go, the ftse 100 up basically .75% across the board. a little bit is for the smi in switzerland. autos slightly
Nov 27, 2009 4:00am EST
services activity. in europe and, for example, in the united states. so that at the end of the current fiscal year, our workforce will be down by 20,000, but 15,000 driven by debt investments and only 5,000 by gains in productivity. herr schulz, we appreciate your time this morning. thank you for joining us. >>> still to come, fears of a dubai debt. default could reig nate the financial turmoil of the credit crisis. we'll going the talk to the director of sovereign ratings who is in dubai. you all want to run your businesses more efficiently, so we've brought in a team of experts to help. one suggestion is to make your shipping more efficient with priority mail flat rate boxes from the postal service. shipping's a hassle! weighing every box... actually, with flat rate boxes you don't need to weigh anything under 70 pounds. if it fits, it ships for a low flat rate. call or go online for a free flat rate box shipping kit that includes free boxes and our helpful shipping guide. do it today, and we'll ship it all right to your door for free. ok, but i ship all over the country. you can shi
Nov 23, 2009 4:00am EST
1.9%. >>> well, the issue of state aid for gm's struggling opal unit has split the coalition. the proposal is also causing a rift amongst eu leaders as other european countries have pledged more than 1 billion euros in order to protect factories and jobs. the officials, eu economic ministers, and gm are meeting in brussels to discuss the restructuring plan. eu officials have warned that the financial aid may go against competition rules. matt? >>> well, the so-called health care reform bill cleared the big hurdle in the senate this weekend. lawmakers voting to open the debate just by a narrow margin. that is expected to start next week and last for three weeks. no republicans back the procedural vote. and a number of democrats, conservative democrats support the floor debate but are uncommitted as to the bill itself. senator dick durbin, the number two democrat in the senate says the government-run insurance plan or public option is negotiable. >> we're going to stick around and get it done. >> i don't think anybody feels this bill as senator reid put it down, though he made
Nov 20, 2009 4:00am EST
of confidence in the financial system, it is substantially stronger today than when the president of the united states took office. >> tell all of that to the millions of americans who no longer have jobs because of your decision. >> what did he is about that, elizabeth? >> well, it reminds me of a popular game called the blame game played in businesses and politics around the world. and i think this could be very disruptive to try to bring somebody new on board. i think geithner does raise some points, but clearly the work is not done. it's a long and boring and yet difficult road to travel. >> good morning, elizabeth. there's comments coming through at this moment especially from morgan stanley steven roach telling the xherz seg here that the u.s. china trade route poses the biggest global threat especially in a bipartisan currency bill gets passed in congress and that could back fire by the chinese retaliating. given the summit that we had with obama and hu this week, given that we had a lot of diplomatic niceties, but nothing more concrete? >> it's of course very complicated because they're
Search Results 0 to 6 of about 7